Coffee Nirvana's 2:46 on a Tuesday afternoon and I am buzzed.

Whoa.  Calm down.  It's legal.

It's coffee, in fact.

The addiction is coffee.  The culprit is the Chemex (pronounced like the "sh" in sheep).

The New York Times calls it "on of the 100 best modern devices" (although it's actually been around for quite a while), I call it coffee nirvana.

So what is it?  The Chemex, like so many of the most beautiful women (myself included) is hourglass shaped glass carafe.  It uses a conical neck where boiling water is poured over fresh grounds.  This process is called "blooming."  The result?  Every intriguing nuance of the coffee bean is brought to life.

The Chemex was invented in 1941 by a scientists named Peter J. Schlumbohn and is even used by James Bond for his breakfast coffee in London. (see?  All the cool cats are doing it!)

Renowned for its ability to flirt and draw out all the bold flavour of the coffee bean, it shows up its weaker, older-fashioned counterpart (the drip coffee-maker).

The Chemex will give your coffee a kick that will impress your most caffeine-savvy friends.

Need one now?  (I thought you might) pick one up at Dose at 4924 - 50th Street, Red Deer, AB, where you can get a quick lesson, pick up some killer coffee beans and pay less than 30 bucks (beans not inlcuded).